My pets are part of the family without this program I couldn’t feed them at this time.  ~Denise

Everyone has hard times but when it gets so hard all at one time it means so much to have people that don’t even know us care and give to my family, because my dogs are a part of it.  It’s inspiring and makes me want to give back when we get back on our feet.  ~ Elizabeth

You guys are awesome, you help me out every time I come and I appreciate that.  Thank you again.  If I can donate any of my time to help I’m available! ~Jennifer

Without this food pantry my pets would starve. ~ Haven




I rely on this food and appreciate the work this organization does to help people and their pets~Chris

The food pantry helps me as a social security recipient keep my cat at home.  ~Jamie

The pantry provides for my animals, when there is no money in household. ~Vicki

It means that I’m feeding my babies. ~Lidia

It helps me keep my loved ones with me, without them I am alone I have no kid and they are my children~ Tiffany



Lucy ~

My animals keep me alive! The unfortunate lack of funds would have meant we all would be on a “popcorn diet” Your organization has allowed me to feed them better than I feed myself.

~ Lorena

When I heard of the Pet Pantry I couldn’t believe it until I came here.  I was so surprised, it was amazing to find a wonderful place like this and amazing people who would help and take their time to give out food and collect donations for people like me who love their pets and would do anything I could for them.  I wish they had a Vet Doctor who could help low income people with their pets.  This place is a blessing to a lot of people.  Thank God for these people.

~ Tammy

I am on a fixed income I love my pets dearly.  They are all I have since my husband died.  I depend on them as much as they depend on me. 

Our dogs, they are one more member of my family.  We try to do the best with my dogs. ~Olga





I love my dogs.  They are my best friends for real.  They are all I have and your helpful generosity is deeply appreciated.  I am grateful for your help.

~ Judith

Deep down in my heart really, I don’t know what I would do without you guys and the volunteers that help me and our community with pets.  I mean “pet lovers” so lots of thanks, because my 4 chihuahuas are my family “like my kids”

~ Diana

Cost of living only increases more and decreasing/downsizing of products-packaging.  Pay more to get less! A helping hand from the pet pantry, we all are very grateful that you are here.


There are times I run out between pay periods.


They are a sign of hope for me to keep my dogs. ~Katie




It means a lot.  I can’t afford pet food right now so my dogs would starve if it wasn’t for the pet food pantry. ~Dominica

At the time I can’t afford to feed them. I really appreciate the food bank, without it I don’t know what I would do for my two animals. ~Ashley

They are a sign of hope for me to keep my dogs. ~Katie

It is a blessing to be able to feed my pets.  ~Barbara