In April 2009, Cindy Frye & her husband Ken recognized that many of the people who showed up at a church-run “soup kitchen” in Oildale not only needed food for themselves, but for their pets as well.  

For the next six months, the Fryes purchased pet food using their own funds and brought the food to this very poor neighborhood. Then a friend, Sherry, learned of their mission and wanted to help.  Then two of Sherry’s friends offered their support.  They quickly realized the need was far greater than what met their eyes at the church.  Low income, disabled, homebound folk - especially seniors – who could not make it to the church were also in need, as were their pets.

Seeing this groups efforts, many people offered to volunteer to help them break down huge bags of pet food into manageable sizes for those in need &/or to deliver food to the homebound. A non-profit was formed.  Since inception, the Pantry has distributed more than 275,000 pounds of pet food to animals happily living with their families who need the assistance.  Without the Pantry’s help, many pets would find themselves without people to love & care for … & vice-versa.

With hard work from our Directors and Volunteers we have been able to help more people and pets in need.